About us

Since we opened our doors, Holiday House Lucija has achieved the perfect balance between perfect luxury and simple comfort. Located in the heart of nature, above Zavratnica, Stinica and Jablanac, we offer everything you need to enjoy all year round.


The house itself represents the owner's lifestyle, and all other details, invisible to the eye, are hidden in the stone walls and massive oak, giving an image of the past as well as the present.

The beautiful property on which this house is located was inherited from the owner's grandparents and was primarily made as a place to escape from the daily routine and stress caused by today's fast-paced lifestyle.

A lot can be said about the house and the landscape, but what we want is to give you the opportunity to feel all the benefits that it offers on your own skin. Imagine yourself and let your time here surprise you.


We guarantee that you will feel the love and passion we had while creating this extraordinary story just for you.